Rhyme Royalty: The Top Rappers of Our Time

Welcome back to another episode of ‘Rhyme Royalty.’ Today, we’re diving into the world of rap with a unique twist as we explore the rhymes and rhythms of SMii7Y, Babytron, Gojira, and even throw in a surprise twist with the legendary Fleetwood Mac. So, buckle up, and let’s jump into the dynamic universe of these rhyme royalty artists.


SMii7Y: The Gaming Guru Turned Rapper

First up, we have the gaming sensation turned rapper, SMii7Y. Known for his hilarious gaming content, SMii7Y has recently ventured into the world of rap with his witty lyrics and infectious beats. Join me as we unravel the unexpected journey of SMii7Y from the gaming chair to the recording studio.

smii7y shared a photo on Instagram: “I keep seeing these posts of people  doing the Beard/No Beard challenge so I thought I would post … | Beard,  People, Challenges

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Babytron: The Rising Star

Next on our list is the rising star, Babytron. With a unique style and an undeniable talent for storytelling, Babytron has been making waves in the rap scene. From his early beginnings to his most recent hits, we’ll explore the evolution of Babytron’s career and why he’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

BabyTron Interview: Detroit's rising star is on a mission to 'take over the  whole decade' - Our Generation Music

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Gojira: The Metal Influence

Now, let’s switch gears a bit and dive into the metal-infused world of Gojira. While not your traditional rapper, Gojira brings a fierce energy to the stage with powerful lyrics and a sonic landscape that transcends genres. Discover how Gojira is reshaping the rap scene with their unique blend of metal and hip-hop.

Gojira Bring Amazonian Crisis To The Forefront With New Single, “Amazonia”

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Fleetwood Mac: A Legendary Surprise

And just when you thought we were sticking strictly to rap, we have a legendary surprise for you—Fleetwood Mac. Known for their iconic rock sound, Fleetwood Mac has had an unexpected influence on the rap world. Join me as we explore the connections between this classic band and some of today’s hottest rappers.

Fleetwood Mac: 1977 Cover Story by Cameron Crowe

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From SMii7Y’s gaming roots to Babytron’s rising stardom, Gojira’s metal-infused beats, and the surprising influence of Fleetwood Mac, we’ve covered a diverse range of artists pushing the boundaries of rap. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay tuned for more episodes. Until next time, keep vibing with the rhyme royalty of our time. Peace!

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